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Bulletin nº 1

Jabo, S.J.; Kroehler, P.A. and Grady, F.V. 2006. A technique to create form-fitted, padded plaster jackets for conserving vertebrate fossil specimens. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 1: 1-6

Bulletin  nº 2

Mateus, O.; Overbeeke, M. and Rita, F. 2008. Dinosaur Frauds, Hoaxes and “Frankensteins”: How to distinguish fake and genuine vertebrate fossils, Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 2: 1-5.

Bulletin  nº 3

Mateus, O. and Araújo, R. 2008. Stone-Splitters and expansive demolition agents in vertebrate paleontological excavations, Journal  of  Paleontological  Techniques, 3:1-6.

Bulletin  nº 4

Stidham, T.A. and Mason, J., 2009. A Quick Method For Collecting Modern Small-Scale Ichnological And Sedimentological Structures, Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 4: 1-4.

Bulletin  nº 5

Araújo, R., Mateus, O., Walen, A. and Christiansen, N., 2009. Preparation techniques applied to a stegosaurian dinosaur from Portugal. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 5: 1-23.

Bulletin  nº 6

Abstract Book for the  International conference on Geological collections and museums : mission and management

Bulletin  nº 7

Mitchell, J.S. and Heckert, A.B., 2010. The setup, use and efficacy of sodium polytungstate separation methodology with respect to microvertebrate remains. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 7: 1-12.

Bulletin  nº 8

Clark, N. D. L. and Daly, C., 2010. Using confocal laser scanning microscopy to image trichome inclusions in amber. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 8: 1-7.

Bulletin  nº 9

Araújo, R., Natário, C. and Pound, M. (2011). How to mount an inexpensive sieving lab. Journal of paleontological techniques. 9:1-8

Bulletin  nº 10

Tschopp, E. and Dzemski, G., 2012. 3-Dimensional Reproduction Techniques to preserve and spread paleontological material – a case study with a diplodocid Sauropod neck.  Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 10: 1-8

Bulletin  nº 11

Falkingham, Peter L., 2013. Low Cost 3D Scanning using off the shelf video gaming peripherals.  Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 11: 1-9.

Bulletin  nº 12

H Mallison, H. and Wings, O., 2014. Photogrammetry in paleontology – a practical guide. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 12: 1-31.

Special Number nº 13

1º Internacional conservation  symposium - workshop

Bulletin  nº 14

Fahlke, J.M. and Autenrieth, M., 2016. Photogrammetry vs. Micro-CT scanning for 3D surface generation of a typical vertebrate fossil – A case study. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 14:1-18.

     Special Number Nº15

2º Internacional conservation  symposium - workshop

Bulletin  nº 16

Hegna, T.A. and Johnson, R.E. (2016). Preparation of fossil and osteological 3D-printable models from freely available CT-scan movies. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 16:1-10.

Book Review nº1

Bulletin Nº17

Mateus, S. and Tschopp, E. (2017). Scientific illustration and reconstruction of a skull of the diplodocid sauropod dinosaur Galeamopus. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 17:1-11.

Bulletin Nº18

Santella, M. and Milner, A.R.C. (2017). Coupling focus stacking with photogrammetry to illustrate small fossil teeth. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 18:1-17.

Bulletin Nº19

Borgwardt, T. C., D. P. Wells, D. C. Pagnac, Z. Sun, and C. R. Segebade. 2018. A test of a non-consumptive nuclear forensics technique using Photon Activation Analysis of fossils and source matrices. Journal of Paleontological Techniques 19: 1-14.

Bulletin Nº20

Eklund, M. J., A. K. Aase, and C. J. Bell. 2018. Progressive Photonics: Methods and applications of sequential imaging using visible and non-visible spectra to enhance data-yield and facilitate forensic interpretation of fossils. Journal of Paleontological Techniques 20: 1-36.

Book Review Nº2

Bulletin Nº21

Hamm, C. A., H. Mallison, O. Hampe, D. Schwarz, J. Mews, J. Blobel, A. S. Issever, and P. Asbach. 2018. Efficiency, workflow and image quality of clinical Computed Tomography scanning compared to photogrammetry on the example of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull from the Maastrichtian of Montana, U.S.A. Journal of Paleontological Techniques 21: 1-13.

Book Review nº3



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