Gil Macarrón et al., 2014: THE MOUNTING OF TWO BIRDS
Figure 12: Various analyses of the coating films of the pink´s flamingo paw: A) workpiece image, from which the sample was
taken; B) sample No. 2, dark brown coating from flamingo´s paw; C) cross section of a portion of the sample in which an acid
fuchsin staining was made, in order to delimit the area where the protein is located (the surface of the putty); D)
chromatogram obtained from the analysis of the fil er (no external coating); E) FTIR spectrum made of the total surface of the
sample No. 2. The separate surface material of the sample is animal glue. It is a very fine and pure glue, indicating that it could
be a fish glue. F) EDS spectrum obtained from the analysis of the elements present in the putty.
84 Journal of Paleontological Techniques