Gil Macarrón et al., 2014: THE MOUNTING OF TWO BIRDS
Figure 18: CT scan of the pink flamingo: A) body and head; B) legs.
Metal structures
wings. Contrary to the complexity and
functionality of the framework developed by
the Benedito brothers, the pink flamingo has a
composition. Visual examination and written
less elaborate structure. It is probable that the
documentation lead to the identification of the
cause of the broken neck and legs with
material of the armature of the golden eagle as
subsequent restorative intervention may be the
alloy of iron and zinc. Through bills for
result of this, and also because of the
materials used in other pieces, we can see that
employment of brass in contrast to the iron
the Benedito brothers used galvanized wire to
alloy used in the eagle (the first has less
strength). Both specimens contain bones in the
professional is faithful to the use of the same
wings and legs and possibly also the skull.
materials for the same function (internal
structure). This hypothesis was confirmed later
by SEM/EDS (Figure 15B). The armature used
in the preparation of the pink flamingo, which
is golden in color and malleable, is made
of brass (copper and zinc alloy), as the
Both birds contain arsenic-based compounds.
analyses performed have proved (Figures 16A,
This could imply the presence of arsenic soap,
which shows how widespread the use of this
As shown by radiography, the internal structure
product was as preservative and lubricant.
made by the Benedito brothers has a vertical
Although the time between the execution of
central axis that runs from the head to the tail
two stuffed birds is little, significant differences
with a twisting shape crossed by two
in terms of materials and stuffing methodology
perpendiculars axes that make the legs and
88 Journal of Paleontological Techniques